Jennifer Lippman-Bruno

I often feel I was born in the wrong century. Technology frustrates me and I find machine-made, mass-produced work far less engaging than the subtle imperfections and emotion of work made by the human hand. My artistic life began with jewelry making almost 20 years ago. A design career, a knitting business, and family life followed taking me away from my first creative love. I am finally returning to the form inspired by the idea of pushing boundaries and finding materials to challenge me. I am drawn to contrasts and elevating seemingly common materials to precious treasures. 

With this collection, I am working with concrete for the first time, and discovering it was like discovering gold! I love its versatility and strength. It can be dyed or left natural, polished or matte. When experimenting with combining concrete and silver I found the results striking. I make jewelry that I want to wear myself and that I can envision on anyone at any age. I strive for work that is both timeless and wearable, yet also demands attention. This tension between form and materials is present in every piece in this collection which includes earrings, rings, and necklaces. 

The earrings I have constructed are light and delicate, but the concrete surface evokes weight and coarseness. Although they are simple studs, the minimal shapes and colors immediately flatter the wearer. The slight accent of silver cutting through the outline brings a jolt to break up the unity while also holding it together. My rings are mini sculptures, comfortable enough to be worn every day and extensions of the wearer’s personality. Since hands are such an expressive part of the body, I craft big, bold pieces that highlight both inner and outer strength and grace. The simplicity that runs through this collection is equally present in my necklaces, but they have been freed from limitations of size. They can lie delicately around the neck or act as a dramatic call out to anyone they face.

I create every piece of jewelry with the intention that the owner will cherish it and pass it along to someone else. I want these pieces to last and take on a new life and history. Throughout my work, I attempt a minimal design in order to let the materials speak for themselves. With shapes, lines, intersections, and elements, I seek to evoke a feeling – boldness, security, elegance, and wonder. Jewelry is an extremely intimate form, one which depends upon the energy of the person wearing it to truly come to life.